These do not represent evidence but are the personal opinions of the clients I have treated

Homeopathy has helped me with the ups and downs of the menopause. Ovarian cysts were diminshed in size in a relatively quick space of time ( verified by NHS scans ). On an emotional level Homeopathy has helped me dael with family stress and has given me clarity of mind. It has helped me to understand and work with my emotions which has in turn has increased my confidence and sense of well being. It has freed up my energy and restored a positive outlook on life. I have no hesitation in recommending this time honoured methed of healing as a way of mantaining best possible health.
JDS, Africa (formerly Hartford)
When life seemed extremely stressful and complicated the remedies gave me greater confidence and positivity and changed my outlook, making me more relaxed about tackling decisions and moving forward.

Homeopathy has given me much more mental clarity, hope for the future, and relieved the symptoms of stress such as restless sleep and a continuous knot in the stomach. We are now much happier and more content with the move we have made thanks to Helen and Homeopathy.
RDS, Africa (formerly Hartford)
I went to Helen to get help with Eczema. The consultations I've had are very thorough and not just about the treatments she can provide, but aspects of my lifestyle that may be causing the problem.

The treatment has progressed slowly, but gently so as to avoid flare ups. Helen explained this is an important part of treating eczema. She also addressed dietary and lifestyle issues, to some extent and I have made some changes here.

The result is my eczema is getting better and I've not used steroid cream for several months now, I also seem to have more energy and focus.
SW, Nantwich
I remember my first visit to Helen. I was suffering from acute panic attacks, polycystic ovaries, various stress related symptoms and a recurring virus. I had been to my GP who had wanted me to go onto prosac. I knew that I didn't want to go down this route. I wanted to know why I was so ill all the time and why I was such an unhappy person.

I was at a cross roads in my life; either prosac, or a leap of faith into the unknown. There was something in Helen that I connected with that day that has put me on an incredible journey for over 10 years. Helen has always found the right combination of remedies and nutritional support to help me tackle significant health issues. She has also helped me find a more spiritual perspective and I can honestly say I am a much more healthier and happier person.

My own experience has demonstrated to me the healing power of the mind and body which minimises the amount of conventional medication I now need to take. It has been a worthy battle with doctors and specialists who have tried to dismiss its benefits.

Homoeopathy has been like a guiding light to me, which has helped me find all the help and support I need.
KF, Worcestershire
Helen's guidance was great so that I could go deeper into meditation. It was a wonderful experience and different from the Ashram. It was good to concentrate all morning with a nice combination of asana, pranayama, om chanting, yoga nidra and meditation, rather than in separate short durations.

I don't have many opportunities to exchange spiritual thoughts and talk about them. It's great to be part of a nice yoga circle.
K.M., Shropshire - yoga days
Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and experience. I felt I learned a great deal.
E.G., Sheffield - student clinics

Post viral Fatique, Homeopathy and me

After falling ill with flu and not recovering properly, going through months of tests, a conclusion was drawn and my doctor told me I had Post Viral Fatique.

Having been sent away from the doctors totally confused, not even knowing what it was I had and not getting any better, I didn't know how, who or what could help me.

I trawled the internet and to my horror I realised just what it was I was suffering with, albeit not as severe as some, but still a major impact on my once busy life.

I decided to go down the self heal route and this is where I met Helen, in a shop promoting her business. She seemed friendly and easy going and assured me that she could help me get through this nightmare I was going through.

I had heard of homeopathy, but like many had no knowledge of its healing properties. After an initial assessment and general chat and lots of writing by Helen, we decided to go ahead and start me on the homeopathic route.

I suffered with severe swollen glands, headaches, fatique just to mention a few and Helen has helped me to deal with these and made me more aware of my own body's needs and weaknesses.

Having PVF has changed my life. Helen and Homeopathy have helped me to deal with things that I know I would have struggled with, I have taken pain killers with no effect and yet a remedy from Helen can have me functioning again within minutes and it's all natural, which makes it even better.

I now see Helen as a friend and do not hesitate to call her if we have any problems – I would recommend Helen to anybody…
My own studies in Homeopathy at the North West College in Manchester from 1998 introduced me to many experienced and compassionate homeopaths. It was here that I first met Helen Whalley. I knew from one of our very first tutorials, that Helen would be a fantastic Supervisor throughout my studies, and I was delighted when she agreed to work with me. Helen has a very open, honest, fair, clear, compassionate and supportive manner. Working together was a very rewarding experience and led me to decide that she was also ‘the’ homeopath for me.

I wanted someone who would guide me through my challenges and opportunities in life, on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Helen has done just that for nearly a decade. She has truly opened my eyes to the real power of Homeopathy. During times of difficult personal relationships and the subsequent stress of divorce, I remember feeling that I was spiralling into darkness mentally.

It was then that her accurate remedy choices for me lifted the veil of darkness, without the need for any drugs from my GP. Helenís prescriptions have successfully dealt with many of my physical symptoms, such as urinary tract infections, sinus infections, warts and hay fever. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if life is getting on top for me, Helenís wisdom, kindness and compassion, along with the right remedy choice, will always get me back on track. A consultation with Helen always puts me in a very positive place and gives me the personal strength to make powerful and positive choices in my life. I have much to thank Helen for, and feel very lucky to have her support.
RT, Cheshire

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